Commonly Used Trusts

Trusts are exceptional tools employed for countless reasons, with each structured as distinctively as the individual or family it serves. That is why we provide discreet, efficient and effective trust services to ensure your money is handled exactly as you anticipated.

From the blended or traditional family to special needs or continuing care, our expert teams will work with your legal advisor to structure your trust plan with your goals clearly defined.

Among the potential benefits:

  • Provides a convenient investment management tool.
  • Ensures a lifetime of financial protection.
  • Balances charitable intent with the need for lifetime income.
  • Accomplishes personal financial management goals for loved ones.
  • Preserves an estate from unnecessary federal estate taxation for the benefit of children.
  • Helps ensure the continuity of the family business.
  • Avoids much of the cost and publicity of probate.

Our most popular trust options:

Revocable Living Trusts

A smart and surprisingly affordable option, our professional management of your trusts allows you the flexibility to change or cancel the relationship as you find appropriate, giving you the final say over the management of your assets.  In addition, these trusts:

  • Include proven professional portfolio management services.
  • Help avoid publicity and much of the cost of probate.
  • Make asset management and record keeping easy.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Organize your finances for carefree living.

Trusts for Children

An ideal way to protect your estate from unnecessary federal estate and gift taxation, this option allows you to provide for your children who may not be prepared for the responsibility.

Trust for Heirs

Protect your children or spouse – and your assets.  Among the many potential benefits of a trust for your heirs:

  • Ability to avoid unnecessary estate taxes.
  • Prearranged professional financial management and smart guidance for your children or spouse.
  • Ability to structure care for a surviving spouse first, then pass any remaining assets to other heirs, such as children from a prior marriage.

Trusts with a Charitable Remainder

These irrevocable (unchangeable) trusts offer a number of important benefits including:

  • A fixed rate of return for the beneficiaries (most often the grantor).
  • A substantial income-tax deduction for the grantor at the time the trust is funded.
  • Freedom to diversify and manage trust assets while controlling tax consequences.
  • A handsome gift to charity upon the grantor's death.

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