Advanced planning can help avoid the time, expense and complexities in arranging and managing a guardianship.  However, that level of foresight or control is not always possible, and as a result, you or a court must take this course of action.

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A guardianship is generally established by the courts and serves to protect the interests of an "incapacitated" individual. The need for this action may have been caused by age, poor health, or confinement, leaving the individual unable to manage his or her finances and/or personal care. Or there is no power of attorney, will or trust that sufficiently specifies how the person's finances are to be managed through the incapacity.

It is often a delicate time requiring discretion and a great sensitivity to the needs of the family.  Our experienced advisors will carefully consult with each appropriate member, as well as the courts before the guardianship is established.  They’ll manage every aspect of the person's finances, offering sound financial management and judgment to the guardian and peace of mind for everyone concerned.

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