Investment Management

Regardless of your affiliation, as a leading member of a nonprofit, you carry a tremendous responsibility to balance the mission of your organization with its fiduciary goals.  This often includes the structure and management of your investment portfolio.  That’s where we can be of great help.

Portfolio Management

For decades, we’ve helped tax-exempt organizations within our community maximize returns, mitigate risks and create highly customized portfolio solutions that include an appropriate asset allocation strategy.  Our expert advisors will help foster healthy growth and the responsible management of your financial resources.

Streamline Accounting

Beyond investment management, we can help streamline accounting for donor and fund gifts through sub-accounting services that simplifies the task while providing you, your board and professional staff the information needed to manage a gift program. 

Spending and Donor Development Policies

We can also help you create effective spending policies and brainstorm development ideas to focus your fundraising efforts.

Investment services for the nonprofit community include:

Endowment Funds

Specially designed for non-profit institutions, such as churches, colleges and universities, fire companies, and other 501(c) organizations, seeking professional and customized management of an endowment portfolio. We serve as trustee or as investment manager, providing advice in the design of the trust agreement and working closely with you to understand its particular financial objectives.

Foundation Accounts

Generally funded by donations, these accounts are designed to support your charitable institution.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

The ideal trust for donors with a strong charitable intent, this option offers an attractive, tax-free means of converting assets with a very low cost basis (often paying little or no income), into a significantly higher income stream. When the trust is funded, the grantor receives an immediate and usually sizable charitable deduction. The size of the deduction is based on the duration of the trust and the percentage of income the grantor specifies. Upon the sale of trust assets, capital gains taxes are deferred or permanently avoided altogether. Real estate and low-yielding stock with a very low tax cost are well suited for this strategy.

Investment services for municipalities:

Prudent, yet profitable.  We understand your duty to invest wisely.  It’s key attracting and retaining a talented, satisfied and productive workforce through solid retirement benefits.  And successful long-term investing minimizes funding requirements, saves taxpayer dollars and ultimately, preserving the financial health of the municipality.  We offer decades of intensive experience helping municipalities manage these important tasks.

Retirement Planning

Our highly experienced retirement plan professionals will work with you and your plan actuaries to ensure ongoing legal compliance. We’ll provide smart recommendations for design modification, specifically addressing each of your objectives to create comprehensive, seamless servicing.


In addition to retirement plans, we help municipalities with sizable amounts of investable cash maximize both short- and long-term investment returns. Carefully weighing our clients' needs with any applicable governmental regulations, we provide worry-free, professional portfolio management and comprehensive reporting.

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