Services for Nonprofit Institutions

National Penn Investors Trust Company has a long history of working with charitable institutions throughout our community, proudly helping to support your worthy mission through smart and affordable financial services.  Operating under a fiduciary charter granted by the Office of the Controller of the Currency, NPITC can accommodate most nonprofit financial needs, whether it be to serve solely as an investment manager or more broadly under a trustee or other fiduciary appointment.

Among the relationships we can offer non-profit institutions:

  • Investment Manager
  • Trustee
  • Agent for Trustee

Regardless of the type of service you need, our core responsibility remains the productive investment of your assets.  The first step toward achieving this goal is a review of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) or other governing instrument.  Our team of professionals bring a depth of experience to the process to assist your organization in maintaining, or sometimes creating, a robust and current IPS.

Once an investment plan is agreed upon, our advisors will implementit using a thoughtful combination of proprietary and external investment strategies to optimize returns and mitigate risks.  Our team also partners with another National Penn Affiliate to make available an array of investment strategies that are GIPS®compliant and independently verified.  This commitment to the highest ethical standards of the investment industry is essential for non-profit institutions and important to you as a committed steward of the organization’s resources.

For a thorough review of the investment work of our affiliate, kindly visit Institutional Advisors LLC. 

Beyond the core responsibility of investing for our non-profit institutions, NPITC can also provide fiduciary services.

We invite you to talk to a trusted advisor today.

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