Services for Individuals

As a federally chartered trust company, National Penn Investment Trust Company is empowered by the Office of the Controller of the Currency to provide individuals with a broad array of financial services.  Depending on your needs, we may act solely as an investment manager, or you may choose to benefit by our ability to serve under a trustee or other fiduciary appointment.

Some of the common relationships that we offer to individual clients include:

  • Investment Manager
  • Individual Retirement Account Trustee
  • Personal Trustee
  • Guardian
  • Executor

Your financial needs are unique. However, our responsibility to productively invest your assets is consistent and begins with prudent Investment Planning.

Once this important plan is solidified, we’ll implement it using a thoughtful combination of proprietary and external investment strategies to achieve strong investment returns, while working to mitigate your risk.

Proprietary Investment Strategies:

Domestic Equity

  • LargeCap
  • MidCap
  • AllCap
  • Socially Responsible

Global Equity

  • Diversified Managers

Fixed Income

  • Core Fixed Income
  • Taxable Income
  • Tax-free Municipal Income
  • Short Duration Taxable
  • Diversified Managers Taxable
  • Diversified Managers Tax-free

We invite you to talk privately with a trusted advisor today.

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