Investment Philosophy

Our focus is to gain a clear and complete understanding of each client’s investment goals and risk tolerance.  We believe that the consistent application of long-term, disciplined investment strategies, not dependent on leverage, aggressive or untested techniques, will provide our clients with positive risk-adjusted returns and a successful long-term portfolio*.

Institutional Advisors diversifies client equity portfolios among five distinct market segments:  domestic large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, as well as international large-cap and non-traditional asset classes.  Fixed income portfolios are diversified in high quality securities in the key segments of the debt markets:  U.S. Treasuries and Government Agencies, along with corporate industrial, financial and utility bonds.  We deliver each strategy with consistency across all client portfolios to ensure a uniform client experience.

Institutional Advisors is committed to:

  • Providing superior investment performance with reduced volatility;
  • Offering disciplined proprietary investment strategies;
  • Consistently applying our strategies to client portfolios;
  • Remaining fully invested and refraining from market timing;
  • Maintaining broad sector and portfolio diversification
  • Providing clear, concise performance and analytical reporting directly by the portfolio manager;
  • Placing our portfolio managers under an incentive compensation arrangement.

IA has built a strong and consistent track-record of performance, both in the investment arena and in the level of communication we deliver to clients. 

Our firm’s proprietary investment strategies focus on providing superior performance, allowing us to successfully create added value for our clients by reducing their expenses and maintaining exceptional control over investment decision-making.  Additionally, we have adopted an open architecture approach in the selection of investment s representing more specialized areas of the market, such as SmallCap and International Investments, as well as Alternative and non-correlated assets classes. 

The overall result for our firm’s clients has been excellent relative and absolute performance with sound expense control.

View of Market Efficiency

IA LLC believes that the markets, on balance, operate efficiently; however, opportunities exist and can be exploited during periods of optimism, complacency and pessimism, through a disciplined approach of active portfolio management.

Active vs. Passive Investment Management

IA LLC employs only actively managed strategies for all equity and fixed income mandates. In our experience, active management can enhance return in upward market cycles, but more importantly, has greater ability to mitigate risk during negative market periods – a hallmark to our firm’s work.  At IA, our strength is capturing the lion’s share of upward moves, but only retracing approximately 75% as much as the market in down periods.

IA’s Fixed Income team seeks to outperform the benchmark through active management, while controlling risk through disciplined, well-defined portfolio structuring techniques.  Security, duration, and market sector diversification produce reduced market risk, concurrent with enhanced opportunities for superior total rates of return.

Fixed income portfolios are diversified in high quality securities in the key segments of the debt markets:  U.S. Treasuries and Government Agencies, Mortgage-Backed Securities, along with high grade corporate, industrial, financial and utility bonds.

Non-Traditional Assets / Alternative Investments

We strongly believe in the inclusion of non-traditional assets to a portfolio of traditional assets, to further diversify the portfolio and improve the overall risk/return profile of the portfolio.  IA LLC defines non-traditional assets as commodities, high yield debt, emerging market debt, international and domestic real estate and emerging market equity.

*Past performance is no indivation of future results.

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