Business Investment Management

Put your money to work – every day.  Our exceptional team of financial experts offer sound investment alternatives for companies or organizations with significantly more cash than required for daily operations.  Choose from a highly conservative approach utilizing short-term U.S. Treasuries and money market funds, or a progressively more aggressive, long-term program using bonds, stocks and no-load mutual funds.

Your carefully conceived financial objectives will define your portfolios and include those tax-preferred investment vehicles most suited for your needs.  Our experts will work with you to make the corporate investment process easy and profitable while complying with strict Employee Retirement Income Security Act requirements.  Ultimately, we’ll tailor each portfolio to balance investment objectives with cash flow requirements while providing you with comprehensive reports detailing our service.

Short-term Asset Management (STAM)
Ideal for corporations, government entities and non-profit organizations that require attractive yields and a conservative investment posture, STAM utilizes short-term U.S. Government securities to emphasize high-quality income and safety of principal. Our expert advisors will explain its many features, including a range of maturities that provide significant cash flows that can be used for periodic distributions, to help determine if this option is right for you.

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