Umbrella Liability Insurance

One of the most forgotten aspects of a complete personal insurance program is pairing personal liability insurance, often called an umbrella, to your existing homeowners’ and auto policies.

It provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your personal insurance policies. In order to avoid having any gaps in your personal insurance coverage, it is best to consult with your trusted insurance advisor.

Reasons to Consider a Personal Umbrella:

  • A neighbor falls on your pavement
  • Your child’s friend falls off your trampoline
  • You own a pool or dog
  • You entertain regularly
  • You’re in a high-earning or public profession.

Today, lawsuits are a definite possibility in anyone’s life.  For this reason, we offer umbrella liability insurance, an extension over your homeowners and auto insurance that basically picks up where your other insurance leaves off.

Determining if your liability insurance is adequate to protect your assets is easy.  Simply talk to one of our advisors today.

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