Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance does not have to be difficult or disconcerting. Though there is a wide-range of life insurance options available, your National Penn trusted advisor is familiar with how to coordinate the best available options into a solution that is right for you.

Our first step is to gain a complete understanding of your personal needs. Using the information learned during our initial conversation, your advisor will begin putting together recommendations as to what type and amount of life insurance would provide you optimum coverage.

It is common for those purchasing life insurance for the first time to have a number of questions. Below are some questions that are frequently asked of our advisors.

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Personal Life Insurance Questions

  • How much coverage do you need?
  • What are the different types of life insurance?
  • Does the insurance company I choose matter?
  • How long does the policy last?
  • What happens if I become disabled?
  • Does this policy require a medical exam?
  • Are there any particular exclusions I should be aware of?
  • How are premiums handled throughout the life of the policy?
  • Is the policy renewable or convertible?
  • What happens if I can’t pay the premiums?
  • Does my policy adjust for inflation?
  • Are living benefits available with the policy?

Personal Life Insurance & Estate Planning

For many providing for those they care about most, is the most important reasons for including life insurance in their current investment management strategies.

In fact, death can dramatically affect the financial security of your loved ones, and if they don't have adequate resources, the financial consequences to them can be devastating. In addition to providing financial security, many purchasers of life insurance do so to meet more complex tax or estate planning needs such as funding a trust

Before you buy any life insurance policy, it's important to analyze your situation and your family's financial needs.

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