Proud to be designated as a preferred producer by both Capital BlueCross/Capital Advantage Insurance Company, and Highmark, and a general agent by UnitedHealthcare, Geisinger Health Plan, Delta Dental, Hartford, Sunlife, Health Advocate and National Vision Administrators.

The major responsibility of The Benefits Firm is to act as liaison between the carriers and the broker community in an effort to provide exemplary service to clients. 

As an appointed Preferred Producer and General Agent, we license and assist in educating individuals and firms as Standard Producers with the carriers.  We are responsible for communicating current and accurate information to our Producers, while consulting and providing objectivity and guidance in the marketing and underwriting of cases.  Overseeing the compliance of Producers with regulations set by both carriers is also an important responsibility of The Benefits Firm. 

If you are interested in becoming appointed, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

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