Business Property and Liability

Business Property

A burst water pipe. Your property sustains fire damage or is hit with a storm.You can’t predict the future, but during a difficult time, you can count on prompt and efficient attention from our team.  Our seasoned advisors will work with you to manage your risk by choosing the right business property insurance - a basic investment that’s paramount to protecting the company you’ve worked so hard to build.  And should the unexpected occur, we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

General Liability

General Liability insurance is essential.  But the options are endless and often confusing.

That’s why we’re here to help—to do the legwork, make recommendations, and guide you to the decisions that are right for you. As independent insurance agents, we’ll shop the various markets and put together a plan that’s designed for your specific business needs—not a cookie cutter, “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Business Umbrella Liability

It’s entirely possible.  Your business is sued over an unfortunate accident or tragedy and the award is well beyond your general liability insurance coverage.  Don’t worry.  For a relatively small investment, you can purchase extra coverage to take over where your primary insurance leaves off. 

But how much is enough?  Our seasoned team of independent agents will measure your risks to clearly identify the appropriate amount of coverage, then access our vast network of providers to find a smart plan at a sensible price.

Employment Practices Liability

Discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment – employment practices liability claims are at an all-time high.

You need smart coverage for this very real risk.  Our seasoned team of insurance advisors will work with you to understand your business and provide a solution that meets your needs and makes perfect financial sense.

Business Interruption

We understand.  You don’t really want to think about the detrimental effects a natural disaster could have on your business. Hurricane, fire, theft, equipment malfunction—the reality is, there are a myriad of unpredictable forces that could shut your operation down for an undetermined amount of time.

But, you still have bills to pay, customers to serve, salaries to cover…and much more.  Business interruption insurance helps ensure that your doors will remain open and the cash flowing while you recover and rebuild.

Ordinance or Law

You suffer a severe property loss, and in rebuilding or replacing the structure, you find new ordinances apply.  Unfortunately, bringing your building up to code often increases the price tag – substantially – and your property insurance alone probably won’t cover it.

That’s where ordinance or law insurance can help.  Our independent agents will work with you to weigh and manage the risks to your business property and recommend the right coverage for your needs.  Then they’ll shop your options so you get the type of policy you need at the most affordable price. 

Directors and Officers

Good board members are an important part of your success.  But, without appropriate coverage, their participation puts their personal assets at risk no matter if an employee, customer, shareholder or fellow officer is making the claim.

Director and officer insurance provides protection in the event a board member is sued as a result of activity involving their role with your company.  To combat this very real risk, our highly experienced team of insurance advisors will help you assess coverage options for your members.  They’ll carefully vet available plans from trusted providers and ensure that you have a smart, fiscally responsible plan in place for this important team.

Business Auto

Whether you have one delivery van, a few cars, or a convoy of tractor-trailers, we can help you determine the right coverage for damage to your vehicles, bodily injury or property damage to others.  It’s smart, on-the-road protection that will keep your entire fleet moving forward.

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