Investing in our Employees

National Penn Bancshares encourages employees to advance their skills and knowledge by pursuing financial service related educational opportunities available through the Pennsylvania Bankers Association and the Tuition Reimbursement Program. 

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Full time and part time benefited employees who are actively employed are eligible for reimbursement of the cost of college courses after three months of employment.

Pennsylvania Bankers Association

The Pennsylvania Bankers Association (PBA) is a program of study through online classes.  Courses, focused in the field of banking, are offered via online courses, self-study and eLearning.

Full time and part time benefited employees are eligible to register for PBA courses.

Achieving Career Excellence (ACE)

The Achieving Career Excellence (ACE) program has been designed by National Penn to place emphasis on personal growth and development in our retail and client support areas.  The program combines independent study and interactive sessions to develop employee skills in their current positions and to prepare them for advancement.  Employees are recognized with a certificate and an award upon the successful completion of an educational level.

Building Bridge

The Building Bridge program is an internal program whereby an individual can visit another department and become oriented in the activities performed.  This allows for co-workers to gain a better understanding and appreciation for how their job impacts others within the company, especially their internal customers.  Employees are encouraged to participate in this program to foster collaboration and communication; to build trust and respect; and to improve operating efficiencies between departments. 

Leadership for Results

Leadership for Results is an interactive, facilitator led program offered to new supervisors.  This training gives a new supervisor the tools to assist with managing their staff to optimal performance.  The program is designed to establish a cohesive common style of coaching and reinforcing behaviors essential to driving the organization toward achieving its strategic goals.

Advanced Learning

National Penn offers other educational and learning opportunities based on the needs of the business.  We have conducted sessions in areas such as advanced leadership techniques, interviewing skills, and diversity.

Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer

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