Mortgage Loan Products

Fixed rate mortgage
Easily the most popular type of mortgage loan. Because it’s a fixed interest rate, you’ll know exactly what your monthly payment of principal and interest will be for the life of the loan.  Escrow for tax and insurance may be required in certain cases, which will increase your monthly payment. 

Adjustable rate mortgage
An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), as it’s commonly known, has an interest rate that can change during the life of the loan. This means it can potentially increase or decrease the rate and the amount of the monthly mortgage payment.

ARM interest rates generally remain fixed during an initial period, after which rates adjust annually according to an index and a margin, each of which is specified in the related mortgage note. Rates are typically capped in terms of the size of the rate adjustment at the first change date (initial cap) and/or subsequent change dates (periodic cap) and the maximum rate over the life of the loan (life-of-loan cap).

Construction to permanent loan
Building a home? This option provides a construction loan first and is later modified to permanent financing.

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