Certificate of Deposit

Solid rates and flexible terms to suit your goals and lifestyle.

Fixed Rate CD
Combining the security of a competitive interest rate with a term that suits your needs! Choose from three months to as much as five years, with interest compounded daily. At time of maturity, withdraw your CD, or we’ll automatically roll it into another certificate of similar terms, making it easy and convenient for you to continue to save!

Ready Access CD*
Our Ready Access CD locks in a great rate while giving you one very unique feature—accessibility. Your deposited funds CD must remain in your account for at least seven days, after which you may withdraw the entire principal balance plus accrued interest without penalty.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

Step-up CD
Invest now and get all the benefits of a locked-in rate, plus the ability to respond to today's market. If the rates go down, yours remains the same. But, if our rate increases, you have the opportunity to "step up" to a higher percentage, and add additional funds at the same time.

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Available for retail and business accounts. Minimum deposit of $500; maximum $250,000. Upon maturity, the CD will automatically renew into a similar term CD at the rate that is current at the time of renewal unless you direct us otherwise.

*The Ready Access CD is not applicable for an IRA. Funds for the Ready Access CD must remain on deposit at least seven days, after which a full withdrawal of the principal balance plus accrued interest is allowable without penalty. A withdrawal prior to maturity will reduce earnings. If you withdraw the balance prior to seven days of the opening date, an early withdrawal penalty of three months interest will be assessed against your account. The penalty will be assessed at the interest rate in effect at the time of withdrawal.

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