Remote Deposit Capture

Making it so easy to save time and money! With Remote Deposit Capture, you can deposit checks to your business account from the convenience of your location – eliminating the cost and hassle of trips to the bank.

The steps are simple. Use our desktop scanner to capture check images and transmit online. It’s secure, accurate and a great way to stay focused on your business.


  • Scan checks at your convenience
  • No need for a courier or employee trips to the bank
  • Deposit tickets created automatically
  • Greater security
  • Receive same day ledger credit for deposits received by 6 p.m. on any business day*
  • Electronic images of checks available to view or print for 30 days after deposit**
  • Operational and accounting efficiencies
  • No need for multiple banking relationships
  • A variety of affordable scanners are available for purchase and shipped directly to you.
  • Installation and training provided

Perfect for any business that:

  • uses valuable employee time to make trips to the bank (ex: doctors, lawyers, retail)
  • finds it hard to get to the bank (ex: landscapers)
  • receives checks later in the day (ex: title companies)
  • has multiple locations and the ability to consolidate bank deposits (ex: property management companies, CPA firms)
  • is not located near one of our community offices
  • uses a courier service or mail to make deposits

Visit a branch near you to open an account!

*Deposits received after 6:00 p.m. (EST) or on a non-business day receive ledger credit the next business day.

**You are required to securely store the original checks for a period of time before shredding them.

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