Business e-Cash Manager Plus

Safe, fast and flexible.  Business e-Cash Manager Plus provides a completely customizable online view of your financial status.  Easy to navigate, use it to make cash management decisions and execute secure transactions anytime, anywhere.

Security is a priority – SSL encryption, firewalls and other industry leading technology secure your online session and transactions.

You choose the design – Simply select which services you want in your view and add or change modules as your needs evolve:

  • Account balances and transaction history
    • Real time balances and transactions
    • Up to 180 days of transaction history
    • e-Statements
    • Images of paid checks
    • Multiple download formats including BAI, QuickBooks and CSV
  • Account transfers
    • Real time transfers
    • Schedule future dated and recurring transfers
Business e-Cash Manager Plus Demo

  • Stop payment initiation
    • Place or cancel a stop payment on a single or range of checks
  • Customized alerts
    • Establish alerts to be notified of certain account/transaction events
  • Online bill pay
    • Save time and money by paying bills online
  • ACH origination
    • Direct deposit payroll
    • Tax payments
    • Cash concentration
    • Vendor payments
  • Wire transfer origination
    • Domestic or foreign U S dollar wire transfers
  • Check and ACH positive pay

These services are a crucial step in helping to protect your accounts from fraudulent transactions.

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