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Whether it’s your first time importing or you’re an experienced international entrepreneur, our expert advisors will connect you with the right tools and pay close attention to the details, so your process is seamless and you can compete.

Import Letters of Credit

It’s one of the most common method of facilitating international trade between buyers and sellers.  Simply put, an Import Letter of Credit puts the clout and credit of our bank behind your transaction by providing a written document or contract promising to pay your exporter, providing they comply with all terms and conditions.

This puts suppliers at ease while ensuring you get exactly what you ordered.  The Letter must meet stringent requirements, but offers flexible options to meet your needs.  And it’s designed to protect both you and the seller while helping you build broader, more reliable supply sources.

Bankers’ Acceptances

Bankers’ Acceptance is a time draft, or future payment, that is drawn on and accepted and guaranteed by our bank.  That means your funds aren't tied up because payment is deferred until maturity, when it becomes our responsibility to compensate the holder of the draft.  

This form of financing will help you expand access to foreign markets when purchasing supplies and other merchandise.  It also provides added safety when executing a transaction with a supplier you don’t know because it requires total assurance that your goods have been shipped.  And without it, your supplier may be unwilling to accept your credit risk and could require you to pay in advance or upon approval of the goods.

Import Documentary Collections

A low cost payment option that allows you to purchase merchandise without tying up working capital.  An Important Documentary Collection is the ideal option when your supplier considers you sufficiently creditworthy and the level of security in a Letter of Credit is not required.

Instead, we act as a collecting agent (remitting bank) to assist your exporter in obtaining payment or acceptance of its draft before the release of documents to you.  Making the process simple and effective.

Standby Letters of Credit

The assurance your supplier may need to provide you with open account terms.  A Standby Letter of Credit uses our credit to assure payment to your supplier in the event of default or non-performance.

Whether you're new to Imports or a veteran trader, we’ll work with you to provide exactly the protection you and your beneficiary need while giving you the personal attention you deserve.


Your goods arrived at your port of destination before related documents. No problem. At your request, we'll issue an Indemnity to help you avoid both a delay in receiving your goods and demurrage charges while you await the required documents.
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