Cash Management

Streamline financial operations, gain greater control over your cash flow, and act more readily on new business opportunities with our powerful suite of Cash Management tools and services. National Penn provides the products and services needed to maximize opportunities while minimizing risk.

To get started, simply tell us about your business. Our experienced Cash Management consultants will listen carefully, taking the time to understand your operations, corporate culture and strategic goals to create a custom program that creates efficiencies, and can ultimately bolster productivity and profits.

Lockbox Access

Our forward looking Cash Management technology can be combined with comprehensive investment and depository services and commercial lending options to continually provide the right resources as your business evolves. And because we’re an independent community bank, we’ll deliver the personal attention you deserve, every step of the way.

Our cash management tools are designed to provide greater ease in managing your Collections, Disbursements, Information Reporting and Fraud Prevention, and Investment Options.


Collection Services

Accelerating the conversion of receipts to working capital has never been easier with our innovative collection services and state-of-the-art technologies. Our knowledgeable team of Cash Management consultants will guide you through a full spectrum of options to create a program that optimizes efficiencies and helps bolster your ability to invest and fund operations, pay down short-term debt and trim processing costs.

  • ACH Pre-authorized Drafts
  • Money Center Processing
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Pre-encoded Check Deposits
  • Wholesale Lockbox
  • Zero Balance Accounts
  • Deposit Reconciliation

Depository Services

Whether it’s a basic account to manage local activities or a network of services for global reach, we’re nimble, knowledgeable, and equipped with a powerhouse of depository products to help you function efficiently in any business climate.

From comprehensive accounts for complex operations to straightforward options for start-ups, our products are designed to grow with you.
A full spectrum of options to make it simple to save and earn.

Disbursement Services

Improve your cash flow by gaining control of your payables and administrative costs with our strategic Disbursement Services. Our experienced team of Cash Management consultants will guide you through our innovative electronic and paper-based solutions, connecting you to powerful resources designed to improve the security, speed and reliability of your disbursement process.

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfers
  • Controlled Disbursement
  • Direct Deposit
  • Positive Pay
  • Wire Transfer

Information and Control Services

When you want answers, you don’t want to wait. That’s why we provide online and electronic information reporting services that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our tools are safe, secure and allow you to monitor account activity, predict account funding requirements and handle banking activities with greater ease and efficiency.

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Investment Services

The smart way to capitalize on your idle funds. Our highly experienced Cash Management consultants will help you make the most of your excess dollars through use of our overnight repurchase agreement or by automatically “sweeping” the cash to or from your line of credit.

You’ll save valuable time managing daily cash flow while maximizing interest earned and minimizing interest expense. Options may include:

  • Automatic Investment “Sweep” Service
  • Automatic Credit “Sweep” Service
  • Short Term Asset Management (STAM) “Sweep” Service
  • Money market accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit

Payroll Services

Whether you have one employee or thousands, our comprehensive payroll and tax filing services make otherwise complicated and time-consuming tasks, easy and affordable. National Penn can assist you with your payroll needs whether you choose to do payroll in house utilizing our on line banking platform, or if you prefer to send us a file generated from your accounting software. Additionally, if you prefer to outsource the payroll function, National Penn has a long standing relationship with Jetpay, whose national reputation and customer retention rate ranks among the very best in the industry. Our collective teams stay on top of the latest codes and regulations to ensure you meet deadlines with confidence.

Plus, our efficient payroll and tax programs can be coordinated with retirement plans, insurance options and a vast array of smart business services, to ensure easy access and total control over every business line.

Payroll Services

  • Efficient and affordable payroll processing and delivery methods.
  • Safe, secure and convenient electronic and for submitting payroll or changes.
  • From cash required to year-end reports, comprehensive documentation provided in paper or pdf.

Tax Filing & Depositing Services

  • Seamless management of federal, state and local payroll taxes
  • Protects your business from late or inaccurate tax deposits
  • Keeps you up-to-date on changing tax regulations

Direct Deposit

  • Eliminate lost or stolen paychecks while adding access and convenience for your employee
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